Times Have Changed

My how times have changed! In the past 10 years it is incredible how much technology has changed and advanced! It seems like only yesterday VHS tapes were all the rage, ha! I was born in the 70’s and grew up with 8-tracks, VHS, and audio tapes. CDs became popular in high school but VHS was still the way to go when it came to watching movies. DVDs came on the market when I was in college and now we can watch anything, from anywhere at anytime all from the click of a mouse on our computer or phone! Streaming media has exploded in the last five years and has taken the world of technology by storm.

iTunes, QuickTime, MediaPlayer, etc. are all ways in which we can watch a video or listen to audio via the Internet. Digital media is accessible to anyone, is easy to use, and can reach millions at one time. YouTube has cornered the market with online video streaming and has over 4 billion views per day! That is crazy. With the advancement in technology, people are constantly recording, sharing, uploading content from their phones and computers. Just last year I started using iMovie on my Mac to create videos for dogs I’ve fostered for my dog rescue. It is so easy and it makes great videos that look professional. There are different templates, themes, and music choices – all you do is drop the video clip in the spot you want and it compiles all the clips together and creates the best videos!

With programs like iMovie, making videos and movies has become so easy and simple compared to years ago. Media streaming has changed the way we learn and do business and communicate with one another and will continue to expand with changing technologies.