CSI: Miami Forensic Library

For the CSI: Miami Forensic Library, I worked in a group with three other members to develop a marketing plan for a special library of our choosing.  We created a forensic library based on the television show CSI: Miami.  We worked together to create a product development plan that included developing a mock database for a digitization project initiative focusing on cold cases.  I volunteered to research information for the target market including crime statistics for Miami-Dade county, local police departments and law enforcement agencies, and technology needs for this project to be integrated into the police department.  We did a SWOT analysis for our library to determine possible weaknesses and threats for the project.  We also did a competitive analysis to ensure our library would receive the necessary funding and resources needed in order to operate.  We developed various market research tools including surveys, interviews with current police personnel, and evaluations of other similar libraries.

Branding was key in the marketing of our library.  We created a tagline and mission statement, and I wrote a press release that would be delivered to various media outlets.  We developed a series of promotional tools and events to publicize the services of the forensic library and the digitization project initiative.  We designed logos, fliers, business cards, and website.  I created mock Facebook and Twitter pages for the library and posted updates regularly.  Our marketing and promotional campaign timeline started at six months out and outlined the overall tasks and objectives for each month.  We also created a budget that encompassed all aspects for the CSI: Miami Forensic Library Digitization Project.  We did an in-class presentation discussing the marketing plan for our library.

Our group met several times a week via Google Hangout and we had a running document in Google Drive that we updated on a daily basis.  We worked collectively in each part of the project.  We divided the project into sections and worked on one section per week.  I developed the social media, website, and graphic design of materials.  Our group worked well together and kept in constant communication about the status of our project.  We each wrote up a designated section of the final paper and I prepared the PowerPoint slides for our presentation.

This project enabled me to gain knowledge and experience in developing a marketing plan for a new library and service.  I learned a great deal about the intricate and detailed planning that goes into developing various marketing strategies including product development, branding, promotion, budgeting, and evaluation of service.  The knowledge I gained can cross over into any marketing environment within any organization or company.

Competencies Demonstrated:  Administration and Management