Using Geographic Information Systems to Improve Community Initiatives Regarding Obesity in the United States is a research paper I wrote discussing the importance of using GIS applications to track health and wellness statistics.  I investigated using GIS applications to improve quality of life and monitor health and wellness trends.  In recent years, public health researchers have greatly benefited from the emergence of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology.   GIS technology allows professionals to integrate spatial information from a range of different sources into a single framework, and to use data to develop specific measures for the environment.

Cartographic metadata record is a metadata record I created using the Content Standard for Digital Geospatial Metadata Workbook and OME.  In this project I applied a descriptive standard by identifying the appropriate rules for creating a metadata record.  The finished product includes a new metadata record with keywords and thesauri, along with a summary of the process of creating the record.

Geospatial discovery project is a research/reference assignment that required me to access and search government databases, geography repositories, reference services, and other GIS databases to find the correct information/answer for 15 different types of geospatial questions.

Bancroft Camp 16 Appraisal is an appraisal report I created on the Bancroft Camp 16 of the United Spanish War Veterans archive collection.

Bancroft Camp 16 Finding Aid is an arrangement and description I created on the Bancroft Camp 16 of the United Spanish War Veterans archive collection.

Web 2.0 Products is a website I designed that showcases the various networking applications I have learned in the program.  Included on my website is a page I developed by using HTML code, a podcast I created discussing the future of information science, a screencast that shows people how to create a video using iMovie, and a mobile website I designed for my dog rescue.

LAMBDA is a website I created for the Library Anchor Models Bridging Diversity Achievements (LAMBDA) project during my time as a graduate research assistant in the SIS program.

My UT Website is a website I designed for an information technologies class using RapidWeaver.  I uploaded the content to my UT Unix account using Cyberduck as open source SFTP.

CSI: Miami Forensic Library is a marketing plan I developed as a group project.  We created a forensic library based on the television show CSI: Miami and focused on developing mock database for a digitization project initiative of cold cases.