Information Resources

The Bancroft Camp 16 appraisal report and finding aid I created, demonstrates my ability in acquiring, evaluating, organizing, and managing an archive collection.  It also shows my ability to manage the full life cycle of information from its acquisition through its preservation and destruction.  In appraising the Bancroft 16 collection, I was able to develop expert knowledge of its content and filter out any duplicate or unnecessary documents/records.

When developing the finding aid I organized and categorized each individual record/document into an appropriate series within the collection, making it much easier for researchers to search and retrieve what they are looking for.  I was able to learn the various steps and processes that are involved in managing an archive collection.

The preservation and conservation of important historical documents requires a special skill set because records draw their significance from their context.  Archivists must accurately identify and explain both the context of origin and the context of use and maintain the records in a way that preserves their original character.  This project taught me the core concepts in evaluating, organizing, and maintaining an archive collection.  I was able to take a very disorganized collection of material in different formats and break it down into a more manageable and searchable arrangement.

Information Resources by ALA

2A.  Concepts and issues related to the lifecycle of recorded knowledge and information, from creation through various stages of use to disposition.

2B.  Concepts, issues, and methods related to the acquisition and disposition of resources, including evaluation, selection, purchasing, processing, storing, and deselection.

2C.  Concepts, issues, and methods related to the management of various collections.

2D.  Concepts, issues, and methods related to the maintenance of collections, including preservation and conservation.