Administration & Management

I gained knowledge, experience and skills in administration and management through the CSI: Miami Forensic Library project.  In this group project, I was able to learn how to develop a successful marketing plan for a new library service including product development, branding, promotion, and budgeting.  After doing an assessment of the current CSI: Miami library services, we discovered that most police records were still in paper form and needed to be digitized in order to better serve the department.  We developed partnerships with other agencies in the city that worked with the crime scene investigators and collaborated with them to best utilize our resources and serve the community.

This project also exposed me to the issues involved in budget constraints and personnel changes when implementing a new service within a department/organization.  When planning and budgeting for any information service/department it is necessary to understand all of the underlying principles and issues that contribute to a successful information environment.  Through my experience in developing a marketing plan, I grew to understand the value of relationships and collaboration when building a new service, methods and strategies in maintaining a budget, and effective personnel practices when introducing and implementing a new library service.

Administration and Management by ALA

8A. The principles of planning and budgeting in libaries and other information agencies.

8B. The principles of effective personnel practices and human resource development.

8C. The concepts behind, and methods for, assessment and evaluation of library services and their outcomes.

8D. The concepts behind, and methods for, developing partnerships, collaborations, networks, and other structures with all stakeholders and within communities served.

8E. The concepts behind, issues relating to, and methods for, principled, transformational leadership.